"SONGS & WHISPERS" @ Kanal 21 (TV concert series)

"SONGS & WHISPERS" goes KANAL 21 (www.kanal-21.de)

TV channel KANAL 21 is offering "S&W" - ARTISTS a professional multi camera TV production and broadcasting opportunity. KANAL 21 are recording a concert live in their studio and broadcasting it to 11 million people in Germany in the Cologne area via the cable network nrwision. Please look up this video for an example of Echo Bloom's Fernsehkonzert or watch it below.

THE DEAL: There are always two acts on the bill performing in front of 100 people in the studio maximum. In most cases it is a local band and one "S&W" - ACT. Kanal 21 is charging an entrance fee of € 10,-. The money is used for covering costs only. The need to break even € 1000,-. If they don´t cover € 1000,-, bands have to step in and have to cover the difference. KANAL 21 is not making any profit! The maximum investment / loss per band is € 500 in case you are not selling a single ticket and nobody is visiting the show at all.

In return for your investment your performance will be broadcasted up to 11 million people via the local cable network www.nrwision.de. Also you get an edited version of the concert afterwards too.
If you provide a hard drive or USB stick of 64GB capacity, multi - track audio might be provided. This opportunity is not obligate available and needs to be double checked prior to the show with staff on location.

A) Physical tickets are provided through "S&W" for your KANAL 21 show. Please promote and sell them at the live shows you are playing prior the Kanal 21 event.

B) In addition you can promote online ticket sales through your social media channels too of course. Please point your fans towards www.konticket.de and get them to purchase tickets. Please make your fans mention your artist name when orderin where ever possible so these ticket sales will be allocated to your bill.

C) Also reservations by email are possible under: fernsehkonzert@songsandwhispers.com too. Please make sure your fans are mentioning your artist name in the reservation emails, so these ticket sales will be allocated to your bill. Reserved tickets can be picked up at box office.

Please promote upcoming shows of your label mates too:

01.06.2017 - Thursday - KAURNA CRONIN - (www.kaurnacronin.com) (AUS)
It is easily the case here, as Kaurna Cronin’s warm voice works soft and haunting folk songs as well as happier breezier folk-rockers. His is a light touch, but there is plenty of strength underneath with the band or his acoustic guitar picking.' -  David Hintz (folkworld.eu)

06.07.2017 - Thursday - TROY PETTY (US) - (www.troypettymusic.com)
“Love at first listen. What an incredible talent.” - Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios

05.07.2017 - Friday - RIDDLE & THE STARS (US) - (www.riddleandthestars.com)
"Mixing Ben Riddle and The Fallen Stars is like mixing Nick Drake and The Clash.  You wish for it every night in bed until it comes true." Rami Jaffee (Grammy winning keyboardist for The Foo Fighters and Wallflowers among others)

Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness by Kaurna Cronin

Album "Euphoria, Delirium, Loneliness" ("S&W" / Broken Silence) will be in stores on Friday 30.06.2017!
Please preorder the album on iTunes now!

First single "EAST SIDE" taken from the upcoming album "Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness" by Kaurna Cronin (www.kaurnacronin.com) (AUS) ("S&W" / Broken Silence), Release date Friday, 30.06.2017.
 On tour across Europe! 
For details please look up www.kaurnacronin.com/tour!
"S&W" - SPECIAL pure and acoustic #7 wt Kaurna Cronin and Hanna Fearns taking place at Sendesaal Bremen (www.sendesaal-bremen.de) on Friday, 05.05.2017; 20:00 (0800 pm)

Reserve tickets here please www.sendesaal-bremen.de/index.php?id=3

Hannah and Krissy, Ally and Chloe
always covered in perfume fumes
Elly and Julie, hanging with the rich boys
in polo shirts and jeans so blue
Lucy and Charlotte, Sally and Stacy
I only ever saw from a far
Sophie & Clancy
they never stopped dancing
around that champagne bar
You were born on the east side honey
I could never change that
You were born on the east side honey
It's a matter of fact
Lily and Laura, Kelly was boring
never read much philosophy
Holly and Helen, Anna and Abby
and the one who wore sequins
I never did remember her name
Lauren and Maddy, were almost sisters
they lived on the same avenue
Amy and Eleanor
were always on the east end
acting all righteous
like there so much better than you
You were born on the east side honey
I could never change that
You were born on the east side honey
spending all of daddy's pay cheques
You were born on the east side honey
I could never change that
You were born on the East Side Honey
It's a matter of fact
You could be laughing
well, I wouldn't care
fixed up in fashion
just to watch them stop & stare


“Your ears are filled with the sound of a harmonica, an ambling bass, delightful percussion, and a combination of husky and delicate voices. You can’t help but smile.” - The Ripe
“The label ‘surprise act’ would suit very well for the 21 year young folkrocker and singer-songwriter Kaurna Cronin. The ten tracks on his official international debut record ‘Glass Fool’ are all top songs which could all end up in the hitparades, if only the radio stations would be able to detect this still very much hidden young Australian talent. To be explored very fast!“ - rootstime.be

“Your ears are filled with the sound of a harmonica, an ambling bass, delightful percussion, and a combination of husky and delicate voices. You can’t help but smile.” - The RipeKaurna Cronin could very quickly spark a new genre and sound across the face of music. - Fortitude Magazine, UK

"Kaurna Cronin wird von einigen gar als Gründer eines neuen Genres verhandelt. "Modern Folk" wenn man so will. Mit Gitarre, Mundharmonika und satten Drums bewaffnet, belebt der Aussie jedenfalls nicht zum ersten Mal die hiesigen Clubs. […] Folk's not dead - das hört man definitiv!" - laut.de
"Cronin delivers a nice album filled with ten killer tracks. All Killers, no fillers is something that certainly would fit for this album. Cronin brings in the best of traditions songs that are pleasant to hear and brings a certain joie de vivre to the listener." - billybop.be
'It’s fantastic to award the [Emily Burrows Award] to Kaurna this year. He impressed the judges with his beautifully crafted songs, great performance ability and self-motivation. He tours Australia constantly and has already done several international tours with more to come and is surely a talent on the rise. Hopefully this prize money will help him achieve even more of his goals. Congratulations -
APRA AMCOS Writer Services Representative Matt Swayne


"SONGS & WHISPERS" - CIRCUIT 06/2017 (09.06.2017 - 02.07.2017)

Aaron English & Elizabeth Hareza are a “world soul" singer-songwriter duo from Seattle, Washington & Park City, Utah: male-&-female vocal harmonies, piano, guitar & assorted ethnic instruments.
Pianist/singer-songwriter Aaron English tours the U.S. & Europe, singing his own world-travel-inspired songs & stories as well as interpretations of traditional songs from around the world. Highlights of Aaron’s music career include a song on the Fox TV drama “Bones”, a Top 5 radio hit in Italy & Top 20 radio hit in the U.S. In 2015 he travelled to East Africa to found the International Youth Music Project, a charity that supports music programs at orphanages in Kenya and Uganda.
Guitarist/singer-songwriter Elizabeth Hareza sounds like the love child of Melissa Etheridge and Joe Cocker, assuming that child grew up to be best friends with Taylor Swift and sing in a barbershop quartet with Justin Timberlake.

--------------------GERMAN VERSION--------------------
Aaron English und Elizabeth Hareza ist ein "World Soul" Singer-Songwriter-Duo aus Seattle (Washington) und Park City (Utah): Das Publikum erwartet männliche und weibliche Gesangsharmonien, Klavier, Gitarre sowie verschiedene ethnische Instrumente. 
Pianist und Singer-Songwriter Aaron English reist seit einigen Jahren quer durch die USA und Europa und singt Songs über vergangene Weltreisen, aber präsentiert auch Interpretationen von traditionellen Songs aus der ganzen Welt.
Highlights seiner Musikkarriere beinhalten ein im Fox-TV Drama "Bones" gefeaturten Song, ein Top-5-Radio-Hit in Italien und ein Top-20-Radio-Hit in den USA. Im Jahr 2015 reiste English nach Ostafrika, um das „International Youth Music Project“ zu gründen; es unterstützt Musikprogramme in Waisenhäusern in Kenia und Uganda.

Gitarristin und Singer-Songwriterin Elizabeth Hareza klingt wie das fiktive Kind von Melissa Etheridge und Joe Cocker, wenn man davon ausgeht, dass das Kind mit Taylor Swift befreundet ist und in einem Barbershop-Quartett mit Justin Timberlake singt.

--------------------GERMAN VERSION END-------------------- 

"One of the best undiscovered artists in today's music world." - David McKinney, music-reviewer.com

"quirky, different and very clever pop" - melodic.net

“English’s album caught our attention - more like snapped our heads back...With a self-produced debut like this, we’re sure we’ll be seeing Aaron English’s profile rising higher and higher.”  -Ken Hughes, Keyboard Magazine
As frontman for Americana band The Fallen Stars, Bobbo Byrnes has been a singer/songwriter, producer, sideman, roadie, t-shirt maker and chauffeur. They have played over 300 shows in the past two years and been all over the world. Their awards include "Best Country/Americana Band" in the Orange County Music Awards, "Best Live Band 2015" by the OC Weekly and he was also a finalist for "Best Male Performer of the Year" in the SoCal Live Music Competition.
Armed with an acoustic guitar, Bobbo's songs paint a dusty picture of Americana that is both classic and contemporary, touching on scenes from cross-country road trips, small-town diners and folks living around the edges.
"I just wanted a cd to sell on my solo European tour" says Bobbo Byrnes of his new album Motel Americana. "I've been the guy in The Fallen Stars for so long, my "solo" career took a back seat. I was enjoying playing these songs at solo shows, I thought I should have a cd that had just my name on it."
While Bobbo's name is on the cd, a lot of his favorite people showed up to play and sing on it, especially fellow musicians from his two bands, The Fallen Stars and Riddle & The Stars. Tracy Byrnes (The Fallen Stars) dropped by to add some backing vocals and bass on a few songs and Ben Riddle (Riddle & The Stars) sings a bit of harmony.  Rami Jaffee, on vacation from his regular gig in Foo Fighters, played some B3 organ, Brandon Allen (The Fallen Stars) hit the drums and Matt Froehlich (Tall as Men) added some cajon kit to two numbers and finally Travis King played a slide solo on one song.
The album kicks off with the plaintive Hold Me.  "I wrote that song when we came home from tour. We had done 43 shows in 41 days and I was exhausted but also wanted to keep going and not ready for anything resembling domesticity. It's really about wanting to run away with my wife."
While Motel Americana is a departure from his work with The Fallen Stars and Riddle & The Stars, fans of those bands will hear a lot of similarities and will enjoy this exploration into Bobbo's acoustic troubadour side.

--------------------GERMAN VERSION--------------------

Die bekennende Rampensau Bobbo Byrnes vermittelt mit seinen Songs verrauchte Americana-Stimmung und erzählt Anekdoten von schmuddeligen Gaststätten in den USA. 
Bekannt geworden ist Byrnes vor allem als Frontman der Rockband The Fallen Stars und als Teil des Trios Riddle & The Stars. Nun veröffentlicht er sein erstes Soloalbum "Motel Americana".
Nach sieben CD-Veröffentlichungen mit The Fallen Stars und zwei Alben mit Riddle & The Stars sowie zahlreichen Auszeichnungen, war Byrnes der Ansicht, es sei an der Zeit, ein Soloalbum zu veröffentlichen und alleine auf Tour zu gehen.
Der erste Song "Hold Me" von „Motel Americana“ wurde unmittelbar nach einer 41-tägigen Tournee mit 43 Shows durch ganz Europa geschrieben. Zurück in Südkalifornien war der Musiker geistig noch immer „on the road“: "Der Song handelt davon, einfach mit meiner Frau wegzulaufen!“ so Byrnes. Die Orange County Music League war sofort begeistert und nahm den Track mit auf den Spring Sampler 2017.
Auf seinem Solowerk spielt Byrnes Gitarre, Pedal Steel-Gitarre, Mandoline und singt. Ganz alleine kommt er jedoch nicht aus; Freunde wie Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters / Wallflowers,) Matt Froehlich (Tall as Men) und Brandon Allen (The Fallen Stars) sind am Album beteiligt, ebenso wie die Bandmitglieder Tracy Byrnes und Ben Riddle.

--------------------GERMAN VERSION END-------------------- 

Follows the musical storytelling tradition of Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and Gram Parsons.”- BrooWaha.com

The music is authentic, rootsy and beautifully constructed; it's familiar and fresh all at once."  Huntington Beach Independent

"(The music has a) sense of an America where lights are burning dimly in the midst of cold emptiness."  OC Weekly

"One of the hardest working musicians in Southern California." - the OC Register

Americana Outlaw”, Kate Vargas, is a singer-songwriter in New York City. Born and raised in New Mexico, southwestern culture and storytelling traditions inspire many of her lyrical themes. Vargas is a clever and curious songwriter, with tales and truths weaving through a delightful blend of folk, blues, and rock by way of an undeniably unique voice. Elmore Magazine calls her “an unapologetic badass” & “a dynamic addition to any musicians-to-watch list”. 
The talented young singer-songwriter has charmed audiences, both nationally and internationally, with a sound that, The Deli Magazine insists, is “like the sound of a favorite bourbon come to life”. Join Vargas and The Reckless Daughters, Lizzy Vargas (cajón, vocals) & Lena Kaminsky (vocals), for their riotously satisfying brand of acoustic folk.

--------------------GERMAN VERSION--------------------

Kate Vargas ist eine Singer-Songwriterin vom Big Apple. Geboren und aufgewachsen ist sie jedoch in New Mexico, was sie keinesfalls verheimlicht. Die südwestliche Kultur und die dortige Storytelling-Traditionen inspirieren viele ihrer Songtexte. Vargas ist eine kluge und neugierige Songschreiberin, deren Geschichten und Wahrheiten mithilfe einer herrlichen Mischung aus Folk, Blues und Rock und ihrer zweifellos einzigartigen Stimme erzählt werden. 
Das Elmore Magazine beschreibt die New-Yorkerin als ein Talent, das man unbedingt im Auge behalten solle und ironisch als ein "unapologetic badass".
Die talentierte junge Singer-Songwriterin hat das Publikum sowohl national, als auch international fest im Griff. "[Vargas‘] Sound klingt wie der favorisierte Bourbon Whiskys, der zum Leben erweckt wird.", so das Deli Magazin über die Musikerin.
Verstärkung hat Vargas durch The Reckless Daughters bekommen; Lizzy Vargas (Cajón, Vocals) und Lena Kaminsky (Gesang) begleiten sie auf Tour und sorgen für einen bemerkenswerten Folk-Sound.

--------------------GERMAN VERSION END-------------------- 
Pulling inspiration from artists such as Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, and Bob Dylan, Vargas believes in the power of words. Emphasizing the importance of lyrics and the way they’re delivered is essential in teasing out the imagery in Vargas’s music. Because of Kate’s natural gift for writing, her lyrics have an uncanny ability to pull the listener into a storybook filled with fictional creatures and lovers yearning to find each other. – Michael Rancon, New Mexico Entertainment Magazine

The singer connects with the music on an emotional level that will take listeners on a wild ride and back. There is an unlimited amount of potential in this superstar on the rise - Kyle Stephens, The Huffington Post

How had I not heard of Kate of Kate Vargas before today? Her vibe is singer-songwriter, Americana, folk, soul, cool, contagious, addictive, brilliance! I can’t give you a comparison, because Kate’s style is unique. Her voice is one of those that you immediately recognize. There is no “like Kate Vargas” out on the airwaves, at least not that I’ve heard…My running thought as I listen – Damn, that’s good! - Darcia, Soundwaves Reviews

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